5 Tips for a Successful New Term at School

5 Tips for a Successful New Term at School 150 150 Lulu

5 Tips for a Successful New Term at School

  1. Get a good night’s rest for you (mums, dads, carers) and your little ones. Regardless of your children’s age, they still need a good bedtime routine.  10-12 hours for under 11’s, 7-9 hours for 11-18’s. Sleep is crucial for our mental health, cell regeneration, and growth.
  2. Record your favourite shows, if you can, and watch them at the weekend- use your weekdays to focus on work, routines and school-run stuff. This helps to lower resentment towards yourself, your children, spouse.
  3. Invest in a travel mug; summer is about to bid us goodbye, and we will soon hear the crunch of leaves under wellingtons. So having a travel mug means having your favourite hot drink on the go. We love going to Autumn park to collect leaves, play in the mud, and splash in puddles, but endless trips to coffee shops can add up, especially if you have not set a budget. I am not against it in any way; I love cheeky chai now and then. However, I am saving so much time and money by just investing in a travel mug that I love and heading over to the park.
  4. Invest in a good brand of vitamin D; this mood-boosting sunshine vitamin will support low moods and lethargy, some people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder-Overview – Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) – NHS (, and this can kick in as soon as the days begin to look a little more grey.
  5. Be kind to yourself and others– this may seem obvious, but mums can be incredibly mean as a group. Sometimes it is unintentional; sometimes, it is NOT. I deal with others the way I deal with myself; I am firm and fair. Kind and honest. But I will not allow people to disrespect me; I value my mental health too much to let people walk over my family or me. I will say to you what I tell myself every day- be kind, be fair, be honest, be beautiful, be at peace, but if you so choose to be ugly, to be mean, to be scornful, to be hateful, to be spiteful, to take advantage of kind-hearted people- then do it with your chest.

In summary, get a good night’s rest, record your favorite shows, invest in a travel mug, invest in a good brand of vitamin D and CHOOSE be kind to yourself and others.

Can you choose at least one item from the list that you will implement today?

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