MumTalkMonday | Date Night

MumTalkMonday | Date Night

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What is it about date night that makes parents cry, fight, fall out, burn food, book, and cancel baby sitters?

The truth is…single or married; we have all experienced some form of date night disaster.
How do you manage a successful (regular) date night with a newborn baby in-tow? Or four to five under 10’s under one roof??

Well… here are some tips,

1) Definitely date yourself first.
What does this mean?
Have one night a week to yourself: cook, draw, catch up with a friend, rest, pamper yourself.
2) Keep a journal and track your period; you are more likely to want a date during ovulation.
3) Book a babysitter in advance, EVEN IF you decide to stay in for your date night.
4) Wear something that you want to be seen in… that includes being naked. Yes, I said it.
5) Get ready for the night as if you are going to meet your very best friend.
6) Order a takeaway OR cook before you get ready, so you do not ruin your outfit (or hair).
7) If you need to cry, express milk, or sleep, try and do it before the date starts.

Does that sound unrealistic? Well, maybe. Try number one and number two first, the work o building the rest into your weekly routine.

My husband and I completed the marriage course last year; the truth is you make time for what you think is important.

How important is this part of your life to you?
Think of it this way, when your children move out, who will you be?
Would you like to have a marriage to enjoy 10 years from now? A little bit of work can be put in each day, for you, for your spouse- it really goes a long way.

I suppose what I want more than anything is to feel loved and supported. But that work starts with me; how much do I value myself? Do I even like myself? I had to do so much work on my fear and confidence levels to really enjoy what I have now. It was not easy, but it was worth it. I feel confident, valued, safe and happy- wherever I go.

Sometimes we can feel a little undeserving, can’t we? A little run-down?

The love you give to your baby (babies) every day warrants respect, love, time and care, and a little romance.
Now I’m aware that not every mum reading this will be in a positive, loving space when it comes to relationships… that does not mean you do not deserve it.

More advice here.

How can I help you?
We have a private Facebook Group where we can strengthen and support each other.

How can I help you?
I can offer you an opportunity for a discounted group coaching session, mum-to-mum. I will share everything that has worked and everything that HAS NOT worked.

How does that sound?
I would love to hear from you. Did you find my tips helpful?

Which ones were the most useful?

Let me know.

Lulu xx


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