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Lulu Lincoln, wife, mother and mumpreneur has over 18 years of parenting experience. She is a qualified teacher (QTS) and a Pregnancy Crisis Counsellor; she has a BA in German and a post-graduate qualification in Systematic Theology – trends, Biblical study, discussions, concepts and human experiences of God since the 15th century.

Lulu has spent 20 years working in education, coupled with academic study and community initiatives : a balance of in class-teaching, providing support, tips and fun ways to adapt parenting styles to suit children’s evolving needs, to all types of families.

When Lulu began raising her own family, she quickly realised that caring for and having children is a gift, but raising a family can be challenging!

Since then, Lulu has written two books: Not Just a Mother and I am Actually Not a Giraffe and hosts a popular podcast on Spotify, Coffee Break with Lulu- where she discusses successful sleep routines and positive behaviour management.

Teaching Mums was created to support mothers from birth and beyond through coaching and resourcing for both children and parents.

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