A Little Bit Potty

A Little Bit Potty

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What is it about #pottytraining that makes us stalk our toddlers, buy a potty for every available space, scream, sing, explode, judge, condemn ourselves…seek professional help.
My first memory of attempting potty training involved a lot of mopping… tears, and pee.
Yes, I said it. It was sooooooo hard. It finally hit me, CHILDREN DO NOT KNOW EITHER.
That’s why they need training. But I always felt like I needed training, we had no clue

I spent so long no only beating myself up, but comparing my family to other families… Are they better than us, is this a dysfunctional family? Have I ruined my toddler?

The truth is making mistakes does not make you a terrible person, in fact, making hundreds of mistakes does not make you a terrible person… being a terrible person makes you a terrible person. The fact that you are here says it all…

How do you keep sane when things are not going as well as you would like?

Where do you go for help?
I would encourage you to surround yourself with people that love you and will support you.

A few tips on successful potty training
1) Allow your child to lead you, are they talking about going to the toilet? Using words like, “stinky, poo-poo, no wee-wee”?
2) Try to stay calm so your child does not get nervous about using the toilet (potty).
3) Reassure them that accidents are normal, and they are still learning.
4) Always take a spare set of clothes wherever you go.
5) Encourage your child to sit on the potty even when they do not need to use the toilet, just to take the fear away.
6) Try and have some nappy-free time at home, to give your child an opportunity to practice.
7) If you have any concerns, then please speak to your health visitor.

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I know, it’s good to talk.

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