5 TIPS FOR A STRESS-FREE OFFER DAY 2022 | April 19th 2022 

5 TIPS FOR A STRESS-FREE OFFER DAY 2022 | April 19th 2022 

5 TIPS FOR A STRESS-FREE OFFER DAY 2022 | April 19th 2022  150 150 Lulu

In less than four weeks you will find out which school your little one will be attending in September.

It can actually be quite stressful if it is your first child or even your youngest.  

Will I get my first choice? 

Will I get my second choice? 

What if the dinosaurs come back and destroy my submission and my child does not get into the school of our choice? 

Here a few tips to help you make the day as easy as possible.

  1. Try not to stay up all night waiting for the results, but set an alarm for the following morning, so that you can find out before you get ready for the school run.  
  2. Log into your application (if you applied online-). When you do check your submission, you will only see the list of schools to which you applied, and it will say very clearly if you have been offered a place at your chosen school. 
  3. Celebrate- If you are offered a place at any of your choices. 
  4. Call your Local Authority Admissions Team, if you have not received an offer at all, a single offer, make a note of the telephone number of your Local Admissions Team, the lines will be busy- but you will be able to speak to someone or email them if you have not received an offer or you have an urgent query or concern. 
  5. Try and leave all of the mum-admin until after the school-run, if you are unhappy with your choices, prepare to be grilled about this on the school-run. Say something polite or funny, like, “Oh fiddlesticks! Is that today? I was planning to have my veneers polished.” Works every time.

Now, if you try all five tips listed above (all of which usually work). Then get in touch with us right away and we will give you hand with how to have those al important conversations with work, if you need time off to visit schools, with the Local Authority, if you need clarity on next steps for your child/children, or you need help liaising with the new school about waiting lists. We know exactly what to do. 

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